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The existing house was stripped completely of all non-structural walls in order to create an open and light space. A second floor was added on top of the first. Furthermore the interior was complemented with a combination of authentic as well as contemporary elements and materials. As such, a 19th century cupboard has been transformed into a kitchen island with a marble top opposite a closet originally used in a French toy store. The ground floor has been opened up completely. This lofty approach made it possible to implement office space adjacent the living room without the overlap of both contexts. At the back of the open space the patio, with its southern atmosphere , creates an ending point.

The central spiral staircase with massive wooden steps connects the ground floor to its luminous upper counterpart. The second floor has deliberately been kept light and airy, maximizing the surfaces into a fine mesh of a cocooning and spacious atmosphere. Here, an old pink bathtub from the original bathroom has been reused in combination with glossy paintwork. The contrast of tropical and vintage elements, together with new furniture creates a playful and personal home.

  • Jan Verlinde: photography,
  • Piet Swimberhe & Jan Verlinde: Article Weekend Knack