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Wouters & Hendrix – Antwerpen


The new flagship store of Wouters & Hendrix was located in an older early twentieth century building which had devaluated heavily over the decades. For this project, the shop was stripped entirely and new authentic elements were added.
The goal for this project was to find a way to arrange the gold and silver part of the shop together in one shop, both demanding a different interior approach due to their individual character. The silver store needed on open wider feel in contrast to the gold store which demanded a more intimate approach. The two stores are divided by a central glass shop window, sharing a single space yet offering a completely independent customer experience.
As is the case for the design philosophy of Wouters & Hendrix, the building too breathes a certain absurdity and humour. These elements are translated throughout the project.

 A closet located at the entrance of the shop expands from the outside until the back of the building inside. The general aesthetic of this closet aims to emanate the feel of a 1930’s movie theatre. At the back of the store, the gold section is designed with a massive brass table complete with custom made engraving. The small space in the back has a lit ceiling, wooden curtains and green velvet carpet which combined grant the room an overall luxurious yet graceful atmosphere. Lighting is implemented with subtlety yet still provides enough power to primarily focus attention on the jewellery. All of this results in a playful and dreamlike store were one can wander around in the beautiful world of Wouters & Hendrix.

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